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Tale of Two Skies

Great panoramic shot I took on 4/23/14 up on the Capitol campus. Sunshine on the left, spring showers on the right!

"Little Funnel Cloud?"

Saw this in the north valley on 4/10/14.

"Little Funnel Cloud?"

Saw this in the north valley on 4/10/14.

Blood Moon over Helena Cathedral

Picture of the Blood Moon taken on April 15, 2014, at 2:30 AM; Helena Cathedral Taken by Gale Pikkula

Blood Moon pictures

Blood moon and Mars taken 04-14-2014 on MacDonald Pass, close to Helena Taken by Gale Pikkula

Moon and Mars in Motion

Blood moon and Mars dancing in sync

Blood moon and Mars

First of the 4 blood moons that all fall on Jewish feast days between now and Sept. 28, 2015 "Along with last nights total eclipse, another astronomical event is the Opposition of Mars, which will see Earth at its closest distance to our neighbor planet. Mars appears to look like a bright shining star next the moon! I captured this one around 2:00am.

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