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What is your preferred method of learning new information?
Traditional classroom style (4 Votes)
Tutoring (0 Votes)
Online classes (0 Votes)
Self-directed/independent study (9 Votes)
Other (3 Votes)

Lawn Care

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Have you had to mow your lawn yet?
Yes (1 Votes)
No (9 Votes)

Legalizing Marajuana

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Are you in favor of the state of Montana legalizing recreational use of marijuana?
Yes (216 Votes)
No (113 Votes)

Easter Plans

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What is your favorite part of Easter?
Candy (6 Votes)
Easter Bunny (0 Votes)
Egg Hunting (3 Votes)
Religious Celebration (26 Votes)
Do Not Celebrate (10 Votes)

Fire Season

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What type of fire season do you think the Helena valley will see?
Severe (3 Votes)
Moderate (21 Votes)
Mild (14 Votes)


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Spring has Sprung, what are you most excited for?
Nice Weather (6 Votes)
Baseball/Softball Season (0 Votes)
Outdoor Activities (3 Votes)
Vacation (1 Votes)

Status of NCAA B. Ball Bracket

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How is your NCAA Basketball Bracket doing?
Great! (2 Votes)
Terrible (3 Votes)
Not too bad (5 Votes)

NCAA B. Ball

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Will you be filling out a bracket for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament?
Yes (7 Votes)
No (22 Votes)

Warmer Weather

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Despite all of the flooding, have you enjoyed the warmer temperatures?
Yes (25 Votes)
No (5 Votes)


Poll is Inactive
Who will you be cheering for during the "AA" high school basketball playoffs?
Capital High (11 Votes)
Helenal High (8 Votes)
Great Falls High (9 Votes)
C.M. Russell (0 Votes)

Winter Weather

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Do you think this week's storm will be the last major snowfall for this winter?
Yes (4 Votes)
No (37 Votes)

Winter Olympics

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What is your favorite Olympic Winter sport?
Figure Skating (6 Votes)
Curling (0 Votes)
Skiing (4 Votes)
Hockey (13 Votes)
Other (9 Votes)

Valentine's Day

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Are you celebrating Valentine's Day?
Yes (18 Votes)
No (17 Votes)

Weather Forcast

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Do you agree with Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast for six more weeks of winter?
Yes (25 Votes)
No (5 Votes)

Super Bowl

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Which team are you cheering for during Sunday's Super Bowl game?
Broncos (23 Votes)
Seahawks (19 Votes)
Doesn't Matter (24 Votes)

Super Bowl

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What are you looking forward to most in regards to the Super Bowl?
Food (1 Votes)
Half-Time Show (0 Votes)
The Game (10 Votes)
Socializing With Friends and Family (6 Votes)

Holiday Celebration

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Are you going to be celebrating Martin Luther King Day?
Yes (4 Votes)
No (24 Votes)

Holiday Decorations

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Have you taken down your holiday decorations?
Yes (26 Votes)
No (2 Votes)
We leave them up all year long (5 Votes)
I didn't decorate (6 Votes)

White XMAS

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Are you wishing for a white Christmas?
Yes (16 Votes)
No (7 Votes)

Holiday Shopping

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When do you plan on doing your Christmas shopping?
As early as possible, Thanksgiving Day (0 Votes)
Black Friday (0 Votes)
Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas (12 Votes)
Christmas Eve (2 Votes)
Other (7 Votes)

Brawl of the Wild

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Who are you rooting for in this weekend's rivalry game?
University of Montana Grizzlies (27 Votes)
Montana State Bobcats (13 Votes)

Thanksgiving Plans

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What are your Thanksgiving Day plans?
Staying home (25 Votes)
Traveling (4 Votes)
Working (3 Votes)
Other (4 Votes)

Preparing for the Holidays

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A lot of people have started preparing for the Christmas season. When do you start getting ready for the holidays?
Nov. 1st, right after Halloween (4 Votes)
We wait until after Thanksgiving (22 Votes)
We're procrastinators; we wait until the week before (1 Votes)
We keep Christmas decorations up all year long (0 Votes)
We don't decorate (4 Votes)

Halloween Plans

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What are your Halloween plans this year?
Trick or Treating with the kids (5 Votes)
Haunted house (0 Votes)
Halloween party (1 Votes)
Turning off the porch lights for a quiet night in (12 Votes)

Big Game Hunting Season

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Which big game are you most looking forward to bagging this season?
Moose (1 Votes)
Elk (18 Votes)
Deer (2 Votes)
Deer (0 Votes)
I don't hunt (24 Votes)

Government Shutdown Resolution

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Who do you think is doing the most to negotiate the federal budget and end the government shutdown?
President Obama and his administration (13 Votes)
Republicans in Congress (35 Votes)
Democrats in Congress (6 Votes)

Healthcare Marketplace

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Have you tried signing up for health insurance under the Healthcare Marketplace? Have you had any trouble?
Yes, I tried and was unsuccessful (2 Votes)
Yes, and I was successful (2 Votes)
No, haven't tried yet (1 Votes)
No, and don't plan to (18 Votes)

Affordable Care Act

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How do you feel about the Affordable Care Act going into effect this week?
Pleased (22 Votes)
Angry (28 Votes)
Disappointed (12 Votes)
Overwhelmed (1 Votes)
Indifferent (1 Votes)
Other, tell us on Facebook (0 Votes)

Pick-up bed passengers

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Do you think there should be a state law against riding in the bed of a pick-up truck? Tell us why or why not on Facebook.
Yes (15 Votes)
No (22 Votes)

End of Summer Plans

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What end of summer plans are you trying to fit in before the change of seasons?
Boating (1 Votes)
Camping (4 Votes)
Hiking (3 Votes)
Fishing (2 Votes)
Swimming (0 Votes)

Saints Homecoming Game

Poll is Inactive
Do you plan on attending Carroll's Homecoming Football game this weekend?
Yes (2 Votes)
No (17 Votes)

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